fountains and water features


Tranquil as gently falling rain

Pictureque and placid descibe our fountains, and they are an ideal way to add an exclaimation point to any part of a landscape. We specialize in the installation of custom designed fountains both pond less or with pond.

Fountains are nice for front entry display or rear yard center piece. We believe that any landscape design can really benefit from some type of water feature. The sound of running water creates a relaxing atmosphere.

All fountains we install will have a quality weed cloth laid down prior to polyethylene liner to hold water in and is hidden by using natural and artificial rock work around perimeter. These water features have filters to keep water clean. At night, multi lights for waterfalls are a beautiful site.

Pond-less water features are truly the way to go when it comes to water features as you never have the fear of a child falling in. the main body of water is out of sun light so that portion of water is not being evaporated and in most cases there is no algae build up do to the body of water being hidden.


Here are some fountains we’ve completed for
satisfied home owners.

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