lANDSCAPING ideas for san diego homes




Imagine having your own special garden Oasis to relax, entertain & impress!

The first phase of a landscape project is a detailed plan. This plan can be just an inexpensive concept plan showing only an above view of all the hardscape and plantings. Added to this could be a drainage plan, an irrigation plan, a lighting plan and other sheets that may pertain to this project. However the more detailed and elaborate you make these plans the more expensive they will get. If you are hiring a tenured professional as myself or others that take pride in their work, it is a waste of money to pay for additional plan sheets as we already know how to install the drainage, irrigation and lighting etc. A contractor has no business being a contractor if he or she do not already know the proper installation methods for these phases.

Another factor in landscape design and/or landscape architecture is incorporating elevation changes in both hardscape such as boulders, elevated patios and or decks, seating areas and patio structures, etc as well as elevation in plantscape with varying heights of the shrub planting areas. We believe that all landscape deserve three main items to achieve a quality look: Elevation changes of Hardscape and plantscape; Water feature to have the sound of the relaxing movement of running water; Landscape lighting for not only providing you a beautiful lit up landscape in the evenings, but to provide safety and security around your home once the sun sets.


Here are some landscape improvement projects we’ve completed for satisfied home owners.

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